Sunday, March 9, 2014

Things I love: Yard Sticks

Treasure hunting at AntiqueWeekend is more fun if you are looking for something specific.  We have a list and I call it "things I love".  I'll be blogging about these during the days leading up to the shows to give you ideas.

I love yard sticks.  They are practical, decorative and old-school.  I have a favorite rescued from Grandpa Bob's house.  Its over-sized, longer, wider and heavier than most.  I use it to slide open the living room curtains.  A new one, a square shape, is from the old hardware store in Bird-in-Hand, PA where David and visited one very snowy January.  And yes, it came home to Texas in my suitcase! 

This group leans in the corner of my living room by the front door ready to answer that "how tall is it" question, or slip under the sofa to retrieve a hard-to-reach toy.  I always have my eye out for the kind that are hinged and fold up into a more compact size.  I have seen those made into picture frames.  The advertising information imprinted on the vintage yard sticks adds to their charm, long-gone businesses promoting their location and merchandise.  Grandpa Bob's features "Joe's Auto Glass", no telling where they are now! If you gather up a bunch, and can bring yourself to cut them to size (I can't!), they can be repurposed to create a wonderful table top.  As always, enjoy the hunt!

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