Sunday, March 16, 2014

Start Collecting!

The many, many shows which make up AntiqueWeekend are about to begin.  The tents are going up and the trucks are being unloaded.  Start your "idea list" (if you haven't already!) and carry it in your pocket or on your phone.  When you see that great item snap it up, working your way back to that spot may be difficult and the item may be gone. 
 Red or blue?
My dad always says that three of something makes a collection.  The shows sites of Antique Weekend are the perfect place for an instant collection.  These dealers followed one of the classic decorating rules: grouping like items.  If you love blue glass, for example, group several pieces together in one spot to display it.  It will be eye-catching like these displays of blue and red glass from the Fall 2013 shows in Warrenton.  Personally, I am drawn to the blue color, but also love to collect something I can enjoy using...these red goblets and bowls would make a beautiful Christmas or Valentines table...or make Tuesday extra-special!

 Bring your list, start the hunt, and take home a treasure!  Enjoy!

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