Friday, March 21, 2014

Lace and Old Windows

I spotted this beautiful lace framed in an old window while walking through Warrenton, Texas during AntiqueWeekend a few shows back.  I saved the photo and it comes back to haunt me every now and then.  I love old windows, we have quite a few out in the shed.  I also love old lace.  I have made it a policy lately to buy vintage lace doilies and table cloths of any and all types and sizes whenever I see them at garage sales and flea markets.  Lace is beautiful and destined to be a lost art. When you are wandering the Round Top and Warrenton shows this spring and see an old window, think how pretty it would look framing lace, hanging in your kitchen or bathroom window in place of traditional curtains.  Bring a little of the country back to your house.

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  1. Some of you have asked if you can find old windows at the Spring Texas AntiqueWeekend shows. The answer is yes...I have seen them in Warrenton and Round Top...lace, too. Happy Hunting!