Monday, March 31, 2014

Special AntiqueWeekend Show Edition

All week our blog will highlight show sites, events, shopping ideas and answer frequently asked questions "FAQs" surrounding the twice-annual Round Top-Warrenton AntiqueWeekend.  This event lasts for three weekends and the weekdays in between in the spring and fall.  More details can be found at  

Cool idea.......

as seen at the Junk Gypsy World Headquarters.  When you are shopping at AntiqueWeekend, or scouring the garage sales and antique shows in your area don't pass up a pretty patterned plate because of a chip.  And don't toss out a favorite at home because it got broken.  Do what the Junk Gypsies have done and use those pretty plates and platters as garden edging!  Add cottage style to a corner of your yard with this clever idea!

Show spotlight: Marburger Farm

This legendary show site featured in many magazines opens Tuesday morning for early buying 10am-2pm $25 on Tuesday until 2pm.  Tuesday hours are 10am to 5pm. Admission gets you in April 1 through 5.  Huge tents and antique buildings house one of a kind antiques and artisan goods.  Show is located on SH 237.  Parking is free with paid admission.  For more details see their facebook page or their website:  Marburger Farm

AntiqueWeekend After Dark: 

Many shows are staying open later, so you can shop until dark, or later.  Fayetteville square stays open until 9-ish. 
What to do after the shows are closed? 
For live music try:   Stone Cellar in Round Top; Zapp Hall and Marketplace in Warrenton; Texas Rose Antiques on SH 237, Arbor Antiques on SH 237
Need an adult beverage while shopping??? 
Arbor Antiques Martini Bar, full bar, 11:00am to 11:00pm. 
The Round Top Rendezvous Bar has wine and beer and they are open late for shopping and sipping. 

Good eats: 

The food at AntiqueWeekend is as much fun as the shopping!! Every show site has food so you don't have to leave when you get hungry.  This week we'll have a food spotlight every day (see Bistro 108 below) but here is a short list of our favorites:

Dillard’s Field: Country Chic Catering
Zapp Hall, Royers Café show venue
Texas Rose Antiques:  Texas Rose Cafe: awesome chicken salad, pimento cheese
Henkel Hall in Henkel Square: Bistro 108 at in Round Top in Henkel Hall (see below)
Blue Hills: Methodist Men BBQ, and Latte on the Square
The Round Top Rendezvous: Kim’s bakery and Shivers Shaved Ice
Arbor Antiques:  Martini Bar full bar and breakfast/lunch/dinner menu

Food spotlight:

Bistro 108, in town, or show location in Henkel Hall, Henkel Square Market, Round Top


Chef Susan of Bistro 108
One of our favorite places to eat is Bistro 108, located just off the courthouse square in the heart of La Grange.  Call for reservations during the show, or visit their show location at Henkel Hall on the square in Round Top.  Many favorites from their La Grange restaurant were on the Fall 2013 show menu.  We enjoyed the field green salad with salmon.  Friends at the table raved about a beef and brie sandwich, and the decadent “fudgie wudgie” cake.  The hall is a pleasant place to eat, high ceilings, good acoustics, and air conditioning, which make it a good destination for visitors to the Round Top square area.  

Beautiful china jewelry from Blue Door
Kathy Johnston of the Blue Door in Henkel Square has a great trunk show set up in the foyer of Henkel Hall showcasing china jewelry, beeswax candles and many more unique items. Henkel Hall also features a charming Smithville antique dealer who is selling wonderful restored antique Texas chairs with hide seats. 

Love these Texas chairs, one from our hometown went home with us!


around 8:00ish in the morning, till the last shopper leaves in the evening, unless it is a site with specific open/close hours and then they will end at a specific time.  Marburger, Big Red Barn and Carmine Hall have specific open/close hours and days.  Check our calendar here.  Some charge a parking/entry fee. 

there is parking adjacent to every show site.  Many parking areas are located behind the shows along SH 237, some are free and some charge a modest fee, $5 is the going rate this Spring.  Some are church parking lots and the fees are a fundraiser. 
Cash, Check or Charge, yes please. 
ATMs, too. The banks in Round Top (Round Top State Bank), Carmine (Carmine State Bank), La Grange (multiples on the square), Brenham and a couple of show sites and gas stations have ATMs.  The vendors welcome cash, many take credit cards and some take checks.  Plan ahead. 









  1. Went to Warrenton on both Friday and Sunday and very few of the vendor were able to take debit or credit cards because they couldn't get a signal so bring lots of cash and checks. We love going to Warrenton!! They also seem to have better prices and we loved seeing the Junk Gypsies store although it seemed more like a tourist souvenir shop with all of the t-shirts, etc., than a place to find really cool, repurposed junk. I managed to buy several of their souvenirs though... a huge, canvas laundry bag, a tie dyed blanket, coffee mug, bumper stickers, necklace, a candle, etc. Thought they would have things that they actually made for sale in there so it was a little disappointing in that respect.

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