Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Farmhouse Chandelier

While still in California, on one our regular Saturday garage sale hunts, we came upon a wonderful multi-family sale.  As David looked at the tables, I spotted a wonderful chandelier.  Heavy iron painted a rustic cream, with animal silhouettes and “meat hooks”. It looked like it could have hung in a butcher shop and been repurposed to add lights.  It was not old or repurposed, but it caught my eye and I stood in line (at a garage sale!) to buy it. 
A few months later David had lunch at a swanky “see and be seen" restaurant, The Ivy in Beverly Hills.  Hanging above a table occupied by actor James Coburn was the very same chandelier!  At the time we were living in a California ranch house and I was collecting Danish modern furniture and globes.  David asked what I intended to do with a farm-themed chandelier.  This was about the time that Rachel Ashwell was beginning her shabby chic empire, hanging chandeliers as light fixtures in bedrooms and living rooms.  I decorated our guest room around this chandelier. 

But I also told David that someday we would have a little farmhouse of our own and we would hang this chandelier in the dining room.  We have our farmhouse, and the chandelier is hanging in the dining room.  Buy things you love and you will always find a place for them.  As always, happy hunting!

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