Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How About Big Numbers!

One of my favorite things are Big Letters.  We see these all over the show sites as I posted earlier.  We used a giant "M" purchased at Northgate Field in Warrenton for my daughter's wedding.  Here are some images from HGTV "Ways to Fill Up Your Walls" showing a great decorating use for the big letters, or in this case big numbers, and something new: vintage book covers.  For the numbers, HGTV suggests using numbers that have some significance to you, such as your birthday or wedding anniversary.  They also suggest anchoring the display with a piece of furniture.
Use letters or numbers that have meaning to you, your birthday or anniversary!

When you visit the show sites of AntiqueWeekend you will see old books in many of the booths.  Here is a great use for just the covers!  For books that have damaged pages but interesting covers, remove the pages, flatten the covers and hang on the wall.  Find books with hollow spines so the pages can be easily cut out with a craft knife.  This is a great idea for renters because these could easily be mounted with sticky tack without damaging walls.  The HGTV design works because the covers are solid colors and tie in with the collection of objects on the dresser top.  I'm going to hunt for children's books. I think they would be perfect for this.  Vintage children's books are often so “loved” that the pages are tattered, but the colorful graphics on the covers would look great on a nursery wall or a child's bedroom.
Tie in the color of the covers with the accessories below.
As always, happy hunting!

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