Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Big Letters

An AntiqueWeekend show trend we love: 

The big letters showed up at the April 2013 show at many vendor booths throughout Warrenton, and appeared in even greater numbers at the Fall 2014 show.  Expect to see that continue.  New metal letters have been available at several booths (we bought ours in Bar W) in several sizes. 
The “new” metal letters are raw unfinished rusty metal.  The vendors we visited had them in three sizes.  Also available are arrows and other “punctuation” symbols.  Vintage letters, box letters, lighted letters, plastic and metal are available throughout the show sites.  Good vendors know their inventory and if you are looking for a hard to find letter, like we were (“M”) they could tell us if they had one or not.
Big Letters are a fabulous decorating tool.  A child's first initial in a bedroom or  surname initial in a family room, or a rustic accent in the garden.  Our giant “M", painted sage green,  decorated the outdoor area at our daughter's wedding, and will now transition to her back yard.  We did learn one lesson.  If you want your guests to “sign” the big letter as a keepsake, choosing a “medium” sized metal letter is probably better…. Don't be intimated by the rust, it was easy to spray paint.  Start your hunt at Bar W and Northgate Field in Warrenton.