Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chalkboard Oil Cloth

I love chalkboard paint on anything.  I have seen it on children's tables, on silver trays, walls and doors.  For my daughter's wedding we used it in picture frames for signage and table numbers.  During the Fall 2013 AntiqueWeekend David and I walked along SH 237, the main road through Warrenton (Texas).  A rack of brightly colored oil cloth caught my attention.  In addition to 40’s-style vintage patterns, he had a black “chalkboard” oil cloth. 

Sure enough it was easy to draw on.  It’s perfect for anyplace you would instantly like the chalkboard effect without using paint or permanently changing a surface.  It’s a great table cloth for a kid’s event or craft table…they can chalk to their heart’s content and then wipe or remove!

Watch for the oil cloth guy in Warrenton on SH 237, you can't miss those bright colors!

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