Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter Pecans

When you live in the country, have pecans trees and very creative grandchildren your Easter décor takes a new twist.  The granddaughters love sidewalk chalk and are allowed unlimited chalking privileges on our concrete porch.  The porch wraps around the front of the house to the side and I can watch them from the kitchen door.  They have experimented endlessly using the fat Crayola chalk in different ways: dry or soaked in water, on the concrete or on paper...  But they brought me a wonderful Easter surprise one year when they gathered up some pecans and colored them with chalk.  The pastel colors turned those pecans into Easter pecans.  I had already put my cast iron bunny on the table so the girls filled it with their pastel pecans.  That is where they stayed.  They look just as pretty three Easters later. 

Easter pecans fill my cast iron bunny, which I purchased
at Warrenton several years ago!

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