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We are midway through the last week of AntiqueWeekend in Texas.  Its hard to believe nearly three weeks of great shows are almost over!  At AW we get lots of questions about where to begin, where to shop. "Where" depends on you, what type of shopper you are.  We love garage sales and the thrill of the hunt.  I carry a garage sale/flea market shopping list.  It helps keep me focused when there are so many neat distractions.  But what if that’s not your bag….? What if you like to see room-scapes….see my advice below: "To Flea or Not to Flea"

                               COOL IDEA....

Garland by Little Miss Momma, Ashley Stock

seen at the Round Top Vintage Market: fabric garland made from strips of fabric torn for a frayed edge and tied onto twine.  This is a good example of “buy-it” or “try-it”.  If you are interested in the crafty side these are easy to make (just takes patience) but if you want immediate gratification they are inexpensive and can be customized.  One of the vendors at RT Vintage Market has these decorating her both and will make them to order.  A great example of a fabric garland is the one by Little Miss Momma, a wonderful blog for young moms, or grandmothers like me who want to relive those great crafting days with their grandbabies.  Ashley Stock has a complete tutorial on her wonderful blog, I suggest it to anyone who wants to try this neat idea.  They make a great valance, maybe a bed or crib skirt, or a wall decoration.  Thanks Ashley for the great information!! 

Outdoor tents at Cole's in Warrenton

To Flea, or Not to Flea!

For my friends who find the flea market atmosphere of Warrenton a bit overwhelming and hard to maneuver, I suggest they head to two of my favorites: Texas Rose Antique Show (SH 237 near Marburger) and Blue Hills (SH 237 north).  Texas Rose Antique Show is a stand-alone show site with tent vendors and a permanent building.  They have easy access parking in the back of the site.  You’ll find a lot of linen clothing and bedding, great vintage glass, vintage housewares, furniture and collectibles.  The tents are staged nicely, the merchandise is very nice, and the show site is not too overwhelming.  The café is great, see the review below. (try the chicken salad!)
Blue Hills distinctive witches hat cupolas
At Blue Hills there are multiple buildings with parking at the back.  The site has grown over the years.  The buildings have a distinctive style, and are open sided, with great tin roofs and witches hat cupolas, but can be enclosed with clear plastic “curtains” to block wind or rain.  The dealers at Blue Hills always seem to stage their merchandise beautifully.  Room-scapes, artwork, mirrors and accessories show how you could use the pieces in your home.  Several dealers have mid-century modern furniture, a lot of French antiques (we enjoyed visiting with the owners of French Bleu).  Food is served by the Methodist Men, and LaGrange’s popular Latte on the Square. 
Check for a map to all the show sites.


Food we love:Texas Rose Café at the Texas Rose Antique Show

Vicki Davis serves gourmet salad and sandwiches from a cute trailer at the Texas Rose Antique Show site on 237 near Florida Chapel Road.  The parking is easy, the show site is wonderful, great vendors, and a manageable size.  Vicki makes dynamite chicken salad which she serves as a sandwich on artisan bread, or on top of her field green salad.  AW foodies tried the trio salad, a green salad with glazed pecans, feta, dried cranberries and a great vinaigrette dressing topped with a scoop each of pimento cheese, egg salad, and chicken salad, and served with a slice of the artisan bread.  It is easily enough for two hungry shoppers.  She also has canned sodas and cookies.  There is a covered area with tables or they will pack it to go.


Can I arrange to ship my large items home from the AntiqueWeekend shows?
Many of us shop AntiqueWeekend for “smalls”, the term antique dealers use for little things, glassware, knick-knacks, pottery, etc. Items that are easy to transport home.  But what happens when you find your heart’s desire and it is HUGE.  There are a couple of choices.  Distinguished Transport owner Justin Wells is proud of their licensed, bonded, white glove service.  To take home that one-of-a-kind furniture piece contact Distinguished Transport for more information. Another choice is Rollen Hills, you can reach them at 281-726-2631.  Both companies have served the show sites for several years.

Don’t Miss:

Old Glory Antiques, two locations in downtown Burton.  Owner Holly Kuehn has beautiful furniture and accent pieces, great style!


Another Don’t Miss:

Old Henry Farm (SH 237) lots of great stuff including a tent filled with French style pieces.

Shout out to new shows: Tin Star Field in Warrenton (between Bar W and Renck Hall), The Round Top Rendezvous on SH237 (lots of linen, chic furniture and clothing, chalk paint and the insanely fabulous shaved ice), Gasoline Hill near Florida Chapel Road specializing in gas station signage.

Tomorrow: Prom! 

Thursday night is the Junk Gypsy’s celebrated event: Prom.  For everyone that fondly remembers their prom, or missed it and wants to do it right this time around, put on your glad-rags and come to prom.  Dancing, shopping, eating and drinking from sunset until late in the evening. 
If prom isn't your thing, the Stone Cellar will have live music and food in Round Top (Mill Street one block off the square).  Martini Bar at Arbor Antiques has live music every night through Saturday night.

Late Tip: 

we hear from our readers that the Warrenton and Round Top area vendors are having periodic difficulty with their cell phone accessed credit card systems.  Good idea to have cash on hand in case you can't use your debit/credit card. 

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