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Show Edition Friday and Weekend Preview


AW Blog Friday and Weekend preview

Friday is one of the busiest days for AntiqueWeekend. Expect traffic through Warrenton and Round Top.  Plan to start early in the morning, park where you can and walk.  Saturday is last day for Marburger Farm and many of the other show sites.  Sunday the fields of Warrenton will be shutting down, too. Vendor’s will continue to sell as they load up….If you head for Warrenton on Sunday go early…..many vendors will begin packing up their trucks in the morning.  But until they load it, it’s still for sale.
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Antlers at Bar W aisle I

Trends we’re seeing:  

 Lot of cast aluminum this year, metal letters, lace and linen clothes, Bar-W "aisle I" tons of antlers and quilts, wonderful vintage linens everywhere! Silver plate silverware at Round Top Hill and La Bahia, Blue glass in a tent on front lawn of Coles. Burlap is still popular and the burlap coffee bags are back again at many show sites.


Cool idea: 

Left Rustic
Spinner vents or wind turbines: whatever you call them they're cool! AW snapped a photo of a lady carrying home her treasures from Warrenton, a roof vent, and posted it on Facebook and Instagram.  AW followers responded with suggestions for repurposing it including a pendant light.  Hmmm, imagine my surprise when a Wednesday night episode of Property Brothers replaced a living room ceiling fan with a pendant light made out of a roof vent in a mid-century house in Austin! It looked amazing, like the image above the collar was removed using just the crown….hard to tell if they painted it or left it raw, either way very cool idea.   Blogger "I Love that Junk" has a repost of a Two Scoops of Love photo of a very glamorous pendant lamp, painted black…
Glammed up

La Bahia, Blue & White

Show Spotlight:

La Bahia (SH 237 near Burton) Vendor’s fill the old hall, and spill out into tents under the ancient oaks.  This show site is filled with great glass, crystal, silver, jewelry, flow blue, and wonderful vintage linens.  Parking is easy.  Food service is simple, we enjoyed pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw.  There are tables to sit at and enjoy a great breeze through the open windows. 

Silver plate at La Bahia
If you haven’t been to Chelsea Meadow, Round Top Hill and Arbor International Antiques make the trip.  They had police officers assisting shoppers in crossing the highway and the show sites are encouraging shoppers to park in one place and visit all three show sites.  These are great places to shop, each with a different identity and great finds.

Boots, boots and more boots at Round Top Hill

At Round Top Hill we spotted great silverware, vintage jewelry, man-cave décor, and other fantastic finds. 
The Tin Café serves food with a daily special.
Lots of patterns at Round Top Hill
Vintage jewelry at Round Top Hill

Arbor Antiques
 Arbor International Antiques has Pandora Balthazar’s fabulous linens, “That Mexican Shirt Booth” everyone is talking about, amazing original art, the Martini Bar and live music every night.  There is lots of variety at Arbor International Antiques, rustic bar stools next to elegant French and European antiques.  We have seen amazing unique items at Chelsea's Meadow.  Vintage pieces and repurposed items. Chelsea's Meadow never disappoints with great furniture pieces, and “Mel’s Diner” for hungry shoppers. 
Elegance at Arbor Antiques
 Show info for all areas at

Don't miss:

Texas Rose Antiques (SH 237 near Marburger Farm), great vendors and great food.
Lush décor at Texas Rose Antiques

Round Top Vintage Market (SH 237 past RT square) huge variety of furniture, jewelry and art. 

Mustard Seed at RT Vintage Market


Don't worry about finding something to eat, there are food vendors at all the show sites and scattered throughout Warrenton.

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