Sunday, March 22, 2015

Time Flies!

Wow, my last blog was this time last year!  Its nearly Easter again, and my cast iron bunny, a Warrenton find, is back out on the table.   The Warrenton show fields are filling up as I write.  Every day when I pass through Warrenton and Round Top on Hwy 237 there are more treasures spilling from the trucks.  Old windows and doors, buckets and boxes, cast aluminum dinosaurs, vintage patio furniture, parts of windmills, linens, dishes, cowboy boots, glitter and sparkle.  It’s a feast for the junk loving eyes.

Elegance at Texas Rose, SH 237 RT
Looking back, has been online for 15 years and counting.  We arrived in Fayetteville, Texas (population 267) in 2000 with all our worldly goods. was born in the historic Sarrazin building on the town square.  Signs were painted and a website was created.  We designed a map, a calendar, added shows as they arrived, and answered the many questions sent to us by excited shoppers planning their journey to the mecca of junkin’, shoppin’, collecting, and just having fun. 

Silver plate at Round Top Hill

We bought two old houses and enjoyed the luxury of having vendors bring us old house “parts” twice a year.  My old cast iron sink with its wonderful wing-like drain boards came from Warrenton.   Its part of our everyday life, where my grandchildren crack eggs and make pancakes, and know to carefully set their dishes in the sink.  Cast iron is pretty unforgiving!
We have met some amazing people…… the Junk Gypsy family, the Ex-cess family, Chip and Joanna Gaines, the Massey Family, the entire Royers clan…the list goes on…but the common thread is family.
Treasures abound  at Bar W Field, Warrenton
We love it, it’s a circus but it’s our circus and we look forward to it and revel in it.  Keep the questions coming, enjoy David’s photos, look for yourself in the crowds or see what you missed and make your plans to come to the next show.  We’ll do our best to keep you informed!
You can always contact us by email: or
In the coming days of the shows my blog will spotlight individual show sites, vendors, food vendors, and the cool stuff we see wandering through the tents.

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