Friday, March 27, 2015

Furnishing Your Great Outdoors!!

One of our readers asked if the Round Top - Warrenton antique shows are a good place to find patio furniture.

Shell back loveseat, North Gate Field
The answer is Yes!  Wandering nearly every show site you will find a huge variety of tables and chairs, metal and glass, wicker, and rattan.While I refer to it as "outdoor" or "patio" furniture, the fact is that a lot of it can easily be incorporated into your home's indoor decor.  Everything from 40s era gliders, classic 50s motel style chairs with shell backs, and 60s era styles, with more modern clean lines. We've also seen plenty of classic wicker and teak.
North Gate Field
Condition is an important variable, and will definitely impact the price.  Some pieces have been restored and repainted, some retain their original paint with the patina of time, and sadly some have been painted with reckless abandon and need some love!  The prices vary from dealer to dealer, depending on age and condition. Don't be afraid to bargain a little.

I saw several vintage gliders some with matching arm chairs, original paint, and appropriately worn condition at North Gate Field along the fence line separating North Gate from Clutter.  That dealer had several others similar pieces in varying condition.
60s or 70s era patio set
At Ex-Cess we found some really interesting choices, including wonderful cast concerete faux bois.  (If you are not sure, "faux bois" is the very chic French way of saying fake wood!)

Faux Bois at Ex-Cess
Before coming on a hunt for outdoor furniture do your research, measure your space, know what you should be paying, and if you don't bring a truck with you, factor in the cost of shipping it home. These unique outdoor accents will add character to your home.  

 For more information about the Round Top-Warrenton antique shows, and FAQs visit our website:  We post pictures and timely show news on facebook, twitter and instagram!



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